Distributed Interaction


A Ph.D. Dissertation

How can we reach out and include anyone in the world in the design process of new technologies? 

How can we utilize machine learning to gain design insights? 

I answer these questions and more in my Ph.D. dissertation:


Conducting user studies in a lab has a number of drawbacks: 1. The number of users is limited. 2. Only users who are able and willing to come to a lab participate in the studies. 3. Limited to geographically close participants. 


Analyzing study data requires time and effort. 

Stepping out of the lab

To overcome the physical limitations of a lab, I translated the process of conducting a user study online by building a web-based tool called Crowdlicit.

Using machine learning

To increase the efficiency of analyzing the results of user studies, I created Crowdsensus. 

Stepping out of the lab

Crowdlicit enables me to conduct user studies with  


as traditional lab-based studies.

using machine learning

Crowdsensus enables me to analyze study data

as fast as traditional approaches. 


read the paper

watch the talk


read the paper

watch the talk

Both of these project were folded into the CROWDDESIGN engine


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