I am Dr. Abdullah X. Ali.

I am a creative scientist with more than 8 years of experience working in the field of HCI. I have collaborated with world-renowned researchers and designers at both academic institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Washington and leading industry companies like AppleMicrosoft, and Amazon

Throughout my journey as a war refugee who worked his way from community college to one of the top HCI Ph.D. programs in the world, I have thrived under pressure and tenuous circumstances. My success is a testament to the fact that creativity can come out of anyone, which is why I have dedicated my career to exploring methods to include any individual regardless of their abilities, background or situation in building the next generation of technologies. I subscribe to an assembled experience approach to design as I believe successful designs are a contextual assembly of users’ abilities and preferences.  My approach led to me create the Distributed Interaction Design (D.X.D.) process—a novel approach to design and evaluate interactions with actual users remotely on a global scale.

Throughout my career I excelled at wearing many hats. I've worked as:
A leader of teams: mentoring students on both the undergraduate and the Masters level (overseeing up to 7 teams of ~5 students at a time) working with industry partner clients such as Microsoft, T-Mobile, Tableau and others.
A UX researcher: defining research agendas, conducting user studies, analyzing data, and synthesizing findings to publish and present at conferences.
A UX and visual designer: defining design languages for projects, logos, and posters for presenting the work.
A developer: creating usable prototypes such as web-based software, iOS and Android mobile and wearable apps.

For business inquires email me: abdullah[at]axali[dot]me

What am I up to?

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